US degree preparation in China

The US Pathway Program (USPP) has provided a successful pathway for Chinese students to US university degree programs since 2009. USPP students earn US university credits during the Year 1 Fall and Spring terms in China and the US Summer Bridge term in Boston before transferring to a top university in the USA.

A student's perspective

Having the first year in China was really helpful. Our professors were from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. They taught us about what kinds of challenges we might encounter as students at an American university. Before arriving in the United States, I knew what to expect and that really helped to prepare me.

Hengqi “Annabelle” Yang

BA in Speech Communications

Baylor University

Meet the team

Victor Jiang

Operations Manager

I am in charge of student services for USPP in China. I lead and supervise career counseling services for USPP students and also support marketing activities.

Ada Tian

Marketing Manager

I provide ongoing marketing support and assist in producing marketing materials for USPP, including social media.

Wen Lu

Vice President of International Development

I help the Country Director promote and spread the word about our programs within China, including USPP. I also oversee development of USPP projects worldwide.

Student support

Student services

We support students as they improve their subject knowledge related to their chosen specialization, their study, research and presentation skills, and their English language ability. This support includes:

  • English preparation classes to build your ability and confidence in delivering presentations, taking lecture notes, and contributing effectively to class.
  • Expert university and career advice, including visits from CNAU member universities.
  • Real US university-level teaching. To help you become familiar with the teaching style at a US university, USPP is delivered using an authentic American college lecturing setup. All instructors are approved by CNAU, ensuring a high-quality, realistic learning experience.


Each year, many USPP students are awarded a scholarship for their bachelor’s degree when they progress to a CNAU partner. You may be need to meet minimum GPA requirements in order to qualify for some scholarships.

Learn more about scholarships, and paid Co-op and internship opportunities at CNAU member universities.

College locations


Aoji International School No. 1
Senlin Park East, Jinzhan
Chaoyang, Beijing

Tel: +86 010-6522 9780


Beijing No. 35 High School
International Department
Caiyu, Daxing, Beijing

Tel: +86 010-8027 7199 / +86 010-6603 5300


Liaoning Province Experimental High School
International Division
No. 89 South Huanghe Boulevard
Huanggu, Shenyang, Liaoning

Tel: + 86 0779-3888 889


No. 6 High School
International Department
64 Qiuchang Road
Jiangnan District, Wuhan, Hubei

Tel: +86 027-62449526 / 82865828

Shanghai headquarters

Global Harbor Office Building
Unit D, Floor 29, Building B
1188 North Kaixuan Road
Putuo District, Shanghai

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