US Pathway Program in China

As a US Pathway Program student, you’re joining a program with a history of success.  The program has helped Chinese students transfer to US university degree programs since 2009.

You will earn US university credits during your Year 1 Fall and Spring terms in China and the Summer Bridge term in Boston before transferring to a top university in the USA.

Our dedicated faculty and staff will make sure you have the support you need to do your best.


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Student services

We support students as they improve their subject knowledge related to their chosen specialization, their study, research and presentation skills, and their English language ability. This support includes:

  • English preparation classes to build your ability and confidence in delivering presentations, taking lecture notes, and contributing effectively to class.
  • Personalized university and career advising
  • Visits from CNAU university representatives
  • Up-to-date advice on available progression scholarships and guidance on the application process

We also provide opportunities to have fun and socialize with other students. These activities may include:

  • Sports tournaments
  • Talent shows and student concerts
  • City tours and excursions
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A student's perspective

Having the first year in China was really helpful. Our professors were from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. They taught us about what kinds of challenges we might encounter as students at an American university. Before arriving in the United States, I knew what to expect and that really helped to prepare me.

Hengqi “Annabelle” Yang

BA in Speech Communications

Baylor University

Meet our staff

Here are some of the staff involved in making your US Pathway Program experience a success.

Drew Newport

Head of China Partnerships

I'm responsible for maintaining strong relationships with China USPP centers and CNAU member universities.

Ada Tian

Marketing Manager

I provide ongoing marketing support and assist in producing marketing materials for USPP, including social media.

Victor Jiang

Operations Manager

I am in charge of student services for USPP in China. I lead and supervise career counseling services for USPP students and also support marketing activities.

Arturo Varona

Head of Academic Management

I provide academic leadership and support to the centers to ensure that the US Pathway Program is delivered to CNAU's standards, and with CNAU to fine-tune the program curriculum. We work together to best meet the needs of our Chinese students, so that they have the best possible preparation for academic success.

Wen Lu

Vice President of International Development

I help the Country Director promote and spread the word about our programs within China, including USPP. I also oversee development of USPP projects worldwide.

David Tan

Country Director

I am responsible for the management of all Kaplan programs in China, including USPP. I ensure that all USPP centers receive adequate support in enrollment, academic development and marketing.

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